A Cohesive Girls’ Bedroom Makeover

Today I am super excited to show how our cohesive girls’ bedroom makeover turned out.

Let me start by saying that it’s not that easy to decorate a shared bedroom. Especially when you are trying to achieve some sort of unity.

When I asked the girls what color should use for their room, they started naming all the colors of the rainbow.

Finally, we agreed to use a more neutral color and have colorful accessories instead.

a cohesive girls bedroom makeover

It took us about 3 months to completely finish this room. Most of the work was done throughout weekends or any spare time that we had.

My girls are very happy with how it turned out and can’t wait to have their friends over.  

This is how the room looked like before.

And after

a cohesive girls' bedroom makeover

Painting the bed frame

This post contains a link to a product that was used to complete the project. This is not a sponsored post and I have not received compensation from any of these companies to talk about their products. 

The awkward corner space on left became a perfect place for their new bunk bed.

The bed came unfinished, so it was easy for me to customize it and paint any color. I opted for the furniture paint from  Rust-Oleum Slate Satin Furniture paint. 

It was my first time using this particular paint and I loved it. One tin of 750ml was enough to paint the whole bed twice! The coverage is good, although you have to work pretty fast as it dries quickly.

Best of all, you don’t need to use a primer. The only downside to this paint is the lack of color choice. See the color chart below. 


The Results

I wasn’t sure if buying a bunk bed was such a great idea at first, but now that we have it, I think there are more pros than cons.

 The girls gain so much floor space by opting for a bunk bed. Now they have a space for a big desk, wardrobe, bean bags and some floor space for sleepovers. I still plan to paint their chairs so it would coordinate better with the room.

girls bedroom makeover

Where the previous cupboard was before it became a perfect spot for their TV and game console. 

Shared Girls Bedroom Reno Part 1
Tv girls room

Now, they have a space to relax on their bean bags.

a cohesive girls' bedroom makeover

On the opposite side of the desk, we installed 2 full-size Ikea Pax wardrobes.

I love the amount of storage that this room gained and everything can be organized quickly.

girls bedroom makeover

Overall, I am very pleased with how this room has turned out and everything came together.

girls bedroom entrance

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