Create your own DIY abstract wall art masterpiece

This is a quick tutorial to show you how I created this DIY abstract wall art with only a few items that I already had at home.
DIY wall art

I will start this post by saying that I am not a professional artist, so please forgive me for using not the right materials for this project.

It was too expensive to buy so I decided to create my own DIY abstract art masterpiece.

After spending a few days searching for inspiration, I just went for it.

Preparing your canvas

materials for diy wall art

I used an old printed canvas and some acrylic paints from my children’s craft box.

For the base coat, I used white chalk paint and white wall filler for texture. 

Firstly, I taped the edges of the frame with painter’s tape.

Then, I covered my canvas with white furniture paint using a foam roller. This is to help to create some sort of base coat for the paints to go on.

Adding some texture & colour

After the base coat was dry, I created texture using a wall filler. As the filler is not a gesso, it crumbled slightly, so I just brushed it off before moving to paint.

 I added small blobs of paint in beige and grey and just smudge it with a sponge. I wanted to create a background with neutrals. When the paint dried, I start adding black thin lines with a plastic palette knife.

Diy wall art
adding lines to diy wall art

I kept adding a tiny amount of paint with a brush on my palette knife and kept spreading at an angle. Little by little I created some sort of design. 

The goal here was not to add too much color and not to make my art too dark. 

After my painting was dry, I covered and taped it inside because I wanted to paint the frame black. I have used acrylic paint for that too.

diy wall art

Voila…you just created your own art

Overall, I like the end results of my DIY abstract wall art experiment and love how it brightens up my hallway. 

In this close-up photo, you can see the texture that I have to manage to create. Love it!

I truly enjoyed this DIY art project and have created another one since. Have a peek at this post.

Diy wall art

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