Hotel Inspired Headboard Hack

This Hotel Inspired Headboard Hack is easy to re-create and won’t cost you a fortune. I am sharing step by step tutorial of how we achieved this look.
headboard hack

We finally finished decorating our Master bedroom. It took us 2 months from start to finish. What a journey that was…We had to break some walls in order to create a built-in wardrobe. A huge mess…

Also, we replaced an ugly rose pattern ceiling with smooth plasterboards.

My old Ikea Hemnes dresser got a whole new look  Read here.

My favorite bit of this room is this Hotel Inspired Headboard Hack. I hope you will like it as much as I do.

At first, I planned to upholster the headboard myself but after calculating the price of materials we went for the shop-bought one.

attaching headboard

This post contains some links to products that I have used to complete the project. This is not a sponsored post and I have not received compensation from any of these companies to talk about their products. 

To re-create this project

First, decide what will be the height of your mattress. Then, leave a few cm above that for the headboard.

We have used a French Cleat to attach our headboard.

French cleat attachment was made of a plywood block, which was cut at the angle.


The most difficult part of this project was to get the correct measurements and transfer them to the wall and the back of the headboard.

So the saying of measure twice and cut once applies here very well. Or better, measure 5 times!

We attached 6 French cleats on the back of the headboard( + 6 more on the wall ) to secure a 160cm width headboard.

Adding side panels and tables

Once the headboard was safely in place, it was time to measure and decide on the size of the side panels.

For the panels, we used IKEA Kompliment shelves which we attached using a French Cleat again.

The space for the sides is a bit narrow so we have used Ikea Eket cabinets for that. They were perfect size and in the same color as the side panels.

To get that boutique hotel feel, we opted for the wall hanging lights.

To avoid breaking the wall for the wiring, we hid all the cables behind the headboard.

The shelves needed to be trimmed to fit the space, so we have used white edging tape to hide the exposed wood of the side panel.

master bedroom headboard
headboard hack

We saved a lot by doing it ourselves and I can’t imagine how much we would have paid for the custom one.

Not only it looks great but it is very strong and stable too.

I like the look of this built-in headboard. What do you think?

headboard hack

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