Renovating the smallest room in the house

I will start by saying that this room was a challenge to decorate. It has been used as a nursery in the past and later turned into a home office.

We wanted to create a functional home office with a spare daybed. Storage was a premium, so it took some time to figure out the best layout for this room.

Here, in England, the 3rd room is very very small. For this reason, people even call it a box room. On top of that, the room has a stairwell box, which seems to take half of the already tiny space. 

So, I had to think about how could we hide that unpleasantly looking box. The best option was to build a custom day bed over it with some storage underneath. Soon after, we started renovating our smallest room in the house.

DIY Ottoman bed

Here are few photos of the room before…

Stairwell box in the room
Home office before reno

And here when we started to break everything apart…

Home office reno
Home office reno

We lifted the floorboards and fitted new pipes. Then, installed engineered wood flooring.

The textured wallpaper ceiling had to go. I was glad to see the ceiling all boarded up and plastered.

Plastered ceiling in the office

I created a color scheme that I was going to use for this room. It is so much easier to decorate and avoid any conflicts when you have one.

This post might contain a link to a product that has been used for the project. This is not a sponsored post and I have not received compensation from any of the companies to talk about their products. 

Choosing a color for the walls

My plan was to paint 2 of the walls darker color and wallpaper the other two.

The color that I liked was from the Farrow & Ball range called Inchyra Blue. It was a bit pricey, so I end up matching this color from the Dulux paint mixing station. I was so pleased with how deep and rich this color looked.

painted home office

Room after the ceiling were changed and walls painted

As I dreamed of more storage, the ottoman bed was a perfect solution. Excellent for hiding stuff clutter away.

Building the storage bed

I am kicking myself for not taking enough photographs of how this bed was built. I completely forgot. So, I will try to explain it as well as I can.

Space was framed with pine studs. The frame containing the bed base was made. We purchased bed slats from IKEA which you can see here.

If you would like to save time, buy an already framed one. Check here.

Originally, we planned to cover the frame with the MDF board. Luckily, there was a better solution- kitchen cover panels ( thanks, IKEA ). Because of this, it saved us so much time! we didn’t need to prime or paint the panel. As a result, the finish was way better too.

At first, we planned to make drawer storage under the bed but then abandoned that idea and went with an ottoman storage bed instead

building storage bed
Storage bed for the office
building furniture
Updated home office

I like how the room turned out. Finally, we have a functional space for the home office.

We managed to squeeze a 75 cm width wardrobe next to a built-in desk. Overall, I am really pleased that this room is finished and now we can move on to the next one ( girls room ).

home office reno

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