Small bathroom renovation on the budget

This post was long coming. I am saying this because our small bathroom supposed to get a makeover the first time we moved in. It took us well over 12 years to tackle it.

Well, better later than never. Somehow we put our focus on renovating the rest of the house and left the bathroom for the end. Now, it is finished and I am thrilled to share it with you.

This bathroom is very tiny and there are not many options in terms of layout. Although, I am very pleased that we managed to change the position of the sink and the toilet. It makes such a difference.

Bathroom before renovation

This is how the bathroom looked before renovation. Ugly duckling. Tiles were painted and the paint was peeling off.

And that blue suite…no words…

How did we do tiling without any experience ?

As we were working on the budget, we weren’t sure what to do about tiling at first. None of us had any experience in tiling. So after a long long long debate and researching online, we came up with a solution.

We found tiles that are made from PVC which is 100% recyclable. We chose these as they are easy to install ( glue ), easy to cut, hygienic, and lightweight. What we liked the most (besides good looks ) that they can be installed straight on existing tiles! Which meant, no ripping off old tiles, re-plastering walls, and no mess.

We have used Targwall tiles. ( this post is not sponsored, this is my personal opinion and review about the product )

Starting renovation

First, we removed the bath, toilet, and sink. Changed the plumbing, also had to drill a new waste hole for the toilet on the adjoining wall. We didn’t want to box the pipe.

After that, we had to attach a new plasterboard as one of the walls weren’t even.

It was very quick and easy to tile this room. Moreover, the tiles look so realistic that it is hard to tell that they are not made from ceramic.

We did loose a bit of space by gluing tiles on top of the existing ones but only a little.

Finished bathroom

Finally, after 2 months of hard work, we have finished renovating this bathroom. After calculating all of the expenses I can reveal that we have spent 2K for this renovation. Could we have done it cheaper? Of course!

The biggest expense was the tiles. It cost us around £45 p/ sqm. Would I choose these tiles again if I could go back? Definitely yes. They are so easy to clean, it doesn’t leave any watermarks from the shower, also no grouting means no mold.

Overall, I am very happy with how this bathroom has turned out and very pleased that we have changed the layout of the original bathroom.

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